About Us

Changpa Pashmina takes its name from the majestic Changpa goat found in the high Himalayas of India and Tibet. The goat is reared by the Changpa tribesmen who inhabit this inhospitable region. The pashmina fabric comes from the fine undercoat of this goat. It is collected by the Changpa tribesmen and sold to artisans in the adjoining Kashmir valley, who, in turn, transform it into beautiful shawls and scarves that have been prized by nobility since time immemorial.

As a company, we were born out of an urge to preserve the traditional heritage of Kashmir and to make it more widely available across the world. Pashmina is expensive, and yet the artisans who make the shawls and the nomadic tribesmen who rear the Changpa goats remain mired in poverty. 

We partner with Kashmiri artisans, empowering them to make their crafts visible to a larger, global audience. Some of our artisans and partners even sell their products under their own brand names, empowering them and giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Today, Changpa Pashmina is a one-stop shopping destination for anyone who wishes to purchase from the vale of Kashmir. We understand our customers’ requirements and bring authentic, genuine, and exquisite Kashmiri products to their doorsteps.

Our credibility is reflected in the standard of our products.

We are a social impact business that aims to contribute to raising the standards of living of our artisan family in Kashmir. changpapashmina Foundation is a small initiative wherein a small percentage of total profit we make goes into the foundation to help the artisans in their education, marriage, and other expenses.